The Lives of Men





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The lives of men is an integrated media and lifestyle company focused on

chronicling the stories and diverse interests of men of color.

For their first conference centering around mental health for black and brown men,
they wanted to create conference branding materials that aligned with their brand.

Event Branding

We wanted to create something simple and adjacent to the established brand of The Live of Men. We went through iterations trying to play off of the concept of "the journey." The idea was to invite black/brown men into this journey of mental and emotional health. We added a compass around the logo to help signify the idea of "finding your way."


The lead time to the event was short, so we opted to create a few images to be shared via IG to advertise the event in local networks.

Day of Event Materials

We created signage that was placed throughout the venue, and print materials to be given out to people; including event schedules and bookmarks with recommended reading.